The age old debate of marijuanas legalization in the us

You see that also in -- well, look at alcohol. Why Should Marijuana Be Legal? And in fact, you know, we looked at at three people use marijuana when they were younger and they are now in the White House. A lot of people here, young people, are starting very young and using it way into adulthood and beyond, you know, young adulthood.

Marijuana debate

Supporters of legalization mention its perceived health benefits, or see it as no more dangerous than other drugs. They have a Colorado State medical marijuana enforcement division. Police officers in Texas said that the traditional means of intoxication for these immigrants, smoking marijuana, led to violent crime.

Then it dipped in the s, before beginning to rise again and then rise rapidly over the course of the last 10 years or so. Prior to his work in Jerusalem, he also served as a Times White House correspondent. A Threat to Children Although advocates are pushing legalization for adults, the debate in society cannot exclude the effect legalization will have on youth because, as it stands, roughly 46 percent of teens will have tried marijuana by the time they graduate high school, and according to researchers at the University of Michigan, nearly 5.

Welcome to our fourth matter of debate. But we are also -- we are worried about young people, you know, waking and baking, right?

Trudeau Comfortable With Minimum Age Of 18 To Buy Legal Pot

You'll most likely lose all your friends because the only thing you'll care about is getting high. You can put the surgeon general in charge rather than a military general or a police chief. Just as the current laws have not stopped adults from consuming marijuana, they have not stopped children or teens from smoking as well.

If anything, you are going to take away some of that forbidden fruit attraction to marijuana. But in 90 percent of the cases what puts somebody into treatment is when they get arrested and they are confronted by their law enforcement officer and then they go to treatment.

I mean -- MR. Other state and local governments ask law enforcement agencies to limit enforcement of drug laws with respect to cannabis. Tobacco also brings in much for the economy.

According to a Gallup poll, 38 percent of adults in the United States report trying marijuana at least once, with 49 percent of respondents ages admitting that they have used the drug at some point.

No one gets excited. Share via Email This article is over 2 years old The legislation is a major blow to the tobacco industry, which aggressively lobbied against the bill. We need to do greater education and address it like any other society problem.

I think having people growing it illegally in national forests makes no sense.The legalization of marijuana could help in producing more money for the government by them taxing it and have more jobs for the economy. The negative effects of it includes, slowed reaction time, and brain damage on young users who are still in major development of their brain until the age of at least The New Politics of Marijuana Legalization 3 • In a number of respects, the structure of public opinion regarding marijuana le- galization is distinctive, at least in today’s political context.

A collection of CNN stories about the marijuana legalization debate. Yes Marijuana should be legal. If the United states sold it and taxed it they would eliminate their debt to other countries within the first 5 years after legalization.

Germany made enough off of the taxes in just the year of to eliminate 1/3 of our national debt. Federal authorities and state officials are already at odds in California and the 16 other states and District of Columbia where medical marijuana use is legal.

            The debate over the legalization of marijuana (aka Cannabis) has been one of the most controversial issues ever to occur in the United States.  Its use in medicinal purposes has existed for thousands of years in many countries worldwide, documenting as far .

The age old debate of marijuanas legalization in the us
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