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The other items on the list such as responsiveness, efficiency, and forgiveness would have to be realized after the actual development itself was accomplished. As you see in Appendix D we have explained the basic functionality through testing and functional scenarios. This is the most important and most exposing part of the requirements gathering and document creation.

We wanted to consider every permutation when Chocoholics anonymous essay first started but decided to control our thoughts and focus on the major items at hand. This interface came together in a very professional fashion and very quickly. He then explained how one becomes alcohol dependent which means that one does not work or concentrate when sober.

Application Testing Once we had a good sum of back uping certification on the construction of the categories and bundles every bit good as the basic flow of operations through the coaction diagrams we know it was clip to believe proving.

The speaker explained to us some twelve steps that were established by alcoholics anonymous Jennings, This was in portion to seeking to command the range and our clip direction for the undertaking and took a spot of adulthood on our portion as a squad.

We managed to create the class diagrams to support our thought process for the creation of the functionality. These use cases are pretty thoroughly defined processes that represent the interactions with and within the application. During these Sessionss we would travel back and Forth with jobs from the undertaking and come up with feasible solutions and replies to these jobs.

During these sessions we would go back and forth with problems from the project and come up with viable solutions and answers to these problems, documenting them as we proceeded.

Through these squad exercises we aimed to command the range of this undertaking and accomplish the finished merchandise of demands and back uping certification that could take to an expedited development and bringing for overall success.

During this sit down we agreed to treat this project like a real business venture. This would provide an unrivaled experience given the proper back end programming.

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This testing would be at an integration and end-to-end level rather than unit testing. As mentioned before we tried to stay focused on covering the bulk of primary functionality rather than getting lost in edge cases as we know the time and scope limitations of this project were at stake.

Through this exercising we gained insight as to how thwarting it can be to garner demands even when everything is apparently defined for you. The goal of the application is to keep all of this in order as the members pay their monthly fee and utilize the services provided.

Scope and Functionality The core of the functionality for this application rests with the use of members and providers of services.Attending an Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in the basis that alcoholism cannot be healed medically, but spiritually.

Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in by Bill Wilson, and Dr. Robert Smith (B’s, n.d.).

Chocoholics Anonymous Essay Sample

Vb Sof Words Nov 20th, 49 Pages. SOF E-Commerce Final Exam True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

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____ 1. Transferring funds, placing orders, sending invoices, and shipping goods to customers are all types of activities or transactions. SOF Chocoholics Anonymous Report Te Essay.

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Chocoholics Anonymous Essay Sample While assessing the needs of the Chocoholics Anonymous organization our team agreed unanimously that we wanted to gain the most value out of this project. We first sat down and decided our approach for how to handle this project in the most professional and business simulating way possible.

We will write a custom essay sample on Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Experience specifically for you for only $ $/page. Alcoholics Anonymous: the Step Treatment Essay Alcoholics Anonymous: The Step Treatment Alcoholics Anonymous: The Step Treatment The step program used by Alcoholics Anonymous is a well-known treatment method that’s used for many types of addiction, not just alcohol.

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Chocoholics anonymous essay
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