A study on investor perception about

Structure of mutual fund There are three parties in mutual fund 1. The sponsor must have been profit making in at least 3 years of the above 5 years. Women typically have lower earnings than men, which created lower total wealth. Asia pacific journal of research 1: Sonali Patil et al. Growth schemes are ideal for investors having a long-term outlook seeking growth over a period of time.

Review of Literature PritiMane [ 1 ] discussed the customer perception with regard to the mutual A study on investor perception about that the schemes they preferred, the plans they are opting, the reasons behind such selections.

Literature Review Grievance redressal Fornell and Wernerfelt [10], gave a model for complaint management which can be used as a defensive marketing strategy in terms of reducing customer turnover.

It simply means that you must spread your investment across different securities stocks, bonds, money market instruments, real estate, fixed deposits etc. Our conservative thinking pulls us back and makes us to act small in our life.

You achieve this diversification through a Mutual Fund with far less money than you can do on your own. The main features of investments are security of principal amount, liquidity, income stability, approval and easy transferability.

Perception of Investors towards the Investment Pattern on Different Investment Avenues - A Review

I know we can count on Corbin when we need high quality and want to raise the bar. Although these people are employed by the AMC, its you, the unit holders, who pays their salaries, partly or wholly. The study will help the firm in understanding the expectations, future needs and requirements and complaints of the consumers.

The author concluded that majority of the respondents invested their money based on education background and they invested in purchasing home and long-term investment.

The number of mutual fund houses went on increasing, with many foreign mutual funds setting up funds in India and also the industry has witnessed several mergers and acquisitions. Youngster and unmarried are usually risk takers.

Our relation is trustee and Beneficiary If interest rates rise the prices of bonds fall and vice versa.

Perception Study – Sellside & buyside

Competition for active investor capital is more intense than ever; understanding key constituent perceptions is critical to high performance. As well as the youngster are usually like to invest in shares mutual funds, insurance and fixed deposits than the elder women.

The history of mutual funds in India can be broadly divided into four distinct phases. Gaur Arti et al. Funds performances are improving. It could be Indian or foreign. Identification of Variables for the Study and Developing Theoretical Construct Based on the review of the above literature, it is clearly evident that the most important variables affecting the investor behavior towards the investment decisions and overall impression about the Equity Linked Savings Schemes ELSS mutual funds are grievance redressal, after sales service and transparency.

The main avenues of investment are the bank deposits and the main purpose of investment is for children education, marriage, and security after retirement.

Awareness programs should plan to help equity market as an investment opportunity and to make people aware of its long-term benefits.

The advantage of a no load fund is that the entire corpus is put to work. The researchers conclude that most of the investors prefer bank deposit followed by gold investment. Grievance redressal increases the perception either on positive or the negative side.

Limited is the Trustee. The author suggested that most of the investors were not aware to invest their money in mutual funds so mutual funds should give some complement and information to various products to their investors. Yavas, Bilgin and Shemwell [12], concluded that, the ultimate success of any service quality program of bank could only be gauzed by its satisfied customers.

The study concluded that behavioral biases not affected by the combined categories of gender and occupation.They did a comprehensive perception study for us, and cooperated closely with us in developing the questionnaire and the target group of investors, both holders and non-holders.

The results were extremely useful for us, actually leading us to change our public stance on shareholder returns based on investor feedback.

The purpose of the study is to find out the perception of investors towards Equity Linked Savings Scheme mutual funds with special consideration towards the satisfaction level of the investors through grievance redressal, after-sales services and time taken to redeem the scheme.

Page 1 of 13 A STUDY ON RISK PERCEPTION AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT OF EQUITY INVESTORS IN COIMBATORE CITY kaleiseminari.comkaran1 & kaleiseminari.comka 2 1 Assistant Professor, RVS Faculty of Management, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.

2Assistant Professor, Maharaja Prithvi Engineering College, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. Abstract Identifying key factors influencing individual investor.

Perception of Investors towards the Investment Pattern on Different Investment Avenues - A Review

THE VALUE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS INVESTORS' PREFERRED INFORMATION IN INVESTOR RELATIONS: INDIVIDUAL TYPES, QUALITIES, AND SOURCES By Timothy Penning A survey targeting individual investors addressed the types, qualities, and sources of.

The present survey based study attempts to analyze the investor preference, influencing factor and awareness in the selected city by using Chi – Square Test on nine most trusted mutual funds irrespective of their size; they are Reliance AMC, ICICI Prudential.

4 IR MAGAZINE INVESTOR PERCEPTION STUDY – EUROPE FEEDBACK What the investment community really wants •orMary Maude Research extended the People in IR.

A study on investor perception about
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